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Chefs not well versed in healthy eating

Re: "A diet resolution you can keep", Sunday Leisure, December 22.

We laud Daniel Green for bringing up the Paleo Diet. He omitted to mention that the diet, being zero-grain, knocks out Type 2 diabetes in a month. All grains contain harmful lectin plant phenols and leptin hormones that disrupt insulin production, causing Type 2 diabetes and obesity. Green errs in advising unlimited fruit. More than 25 grams of fructose daily (three pieces of fruit) raises uric acid levels that in turn raise blood pressure, cause fatty liver and raise kidney damage risk.

Green also errs in advising us to reduce fat from meat, and to not eat the skin. He has fallen for the 1953 "Framingham Heart Study", which wrongly assumed that dietary fat causes arterial calcification. In fact, grass-fed animal fats are high in health-giving omega 3, conjugated linoleic acid, and long-chain fatty acids. Cholesterol is essential to life, and does not become harmful if more is ingested. The original Paleo diet does include plenty of saturated fat, and surely early man would not have discarded that.

The chef's "healthy eating" ideas are, unfortunately for those seeking science-based answers, aligned with misinformation from dieticians and doctors. These ideas are perhaps perpetuated to market the toxic and proven-ineffective bad-cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and to support the "low-calorie industry".

Thomas Turk


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