Channel surfers suffering tidal shifts

your say May 06, 2014 00:00

While I am reluctant to lower the lofty tone of your Letters column with petty kvetching, I'm sure I speak for many of my fellow couch potatoes in expressing annoyance with the ongoing incompetence of TrueVisions.

Among its other sins, TrueVisions is constantly renumbering its channels. Last time was September 2013. In mid-April they did it again, to accommodate the new digital channels. Worse, once they introduced the new system, they continued fiddling with it.
First BBC World was on Channel 116; CNN was on 113. Suddenly, with no notice whatsoever, CNN disappeared from 113 and popped up on 114. BBC World disappeared altogether for several days. A ribbon running across the bottom of the screen kept informing us that beginning on May 1, BBC World would be on Channel 113, and “we are apologized [sic] for any inconveniences caused”.
Well, it’s not on Channel 113. Click on that number and, if you get the Gold package, you’ll get the cheery message “Channel 113 not found”. Where has BBC World been exiled to? A search of all channels reveals that, as of May 5, it is now on Channel 121. But you’d never find that out from the spotty information TrueVisions dispenses. Their May magazine lists it on Channel 115. But that’s where the Taiwanese channel is.
Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing at TrueVisions? It would be more accurate if they changed their name to False Illusions. E-mailing complaints to them won’t do any good, because their only response is soothing verbal treacle designed to get you off their back. Their magazine continues to reduce the amount of actual programming information it provides, while constantly increasing the amount of advertising.
Let’s have a competency upgrade at False Illusions. Then they won’t have to be “apologized for any inconveniences caused”.
Couch Potato
Samut Prakan