Caretaker government overstepping the mark

your say March 07, 2014 00:00

Re: "Yingluck, Prayuth discuss Army reshuffle", National, March 5.

I am dumbfounded by a number of public-policy minefields the so-called democratically elected Yingluck government has strayed into since entering its caretaker mode. While the PM said she is adhering to “democracy”, I am wondering what exactly she meant by the word. Does she understand the principles of a caretaker government commonly practised by all governments (including Thailand) which following Westminster-style constitutions? These principles include refraining from (a) making major public policy decisions that are likely to commit an incoming government; (b) making significant appointments; and (c) entering major contracts or agreements. Responsible democratic governments adhere to these caretaker conventions.
Her call for the Army reshuffle list is a significant policy decision that any responsible democratic government should refrain from taking. If necessary, the caretaker government can make significant appointments only after consulting with and receiving an agreement from the opposition, or when Parliament reconvenes. 

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