Card charge allows ATM expansion

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Re: "Bank will further alienate customers", Letters, January 17.


Further to the letter from a customer raising concern about a new Bt200 annual fee for the Siam Commercial Bank Two-in-One ATM card, we would like to take this opportunity to explain why the fee will be instituted as of February 1, as announced in December. 
While the customer correctly notes that there are operational fees associated with the provision of ATM services, and points out that there are no costs associated with the physical issuance of a new Two-in-One card, Khun Sopida underestimates the extent of the many operational fees involved. These include expenses associated with the rental agreements, maintenance requirements, telecommunications charges and more that are required to make an ATM network available. 
To ensure that our customers are never far from an ATM location, SCB spends a considerable amount of money maintaining and expanding the largest ATM network in Thailand, in over 8,000 locations. While the new fee may be a small annoyance, it will ensure that our customers enjoy the convenience of never being very far from an SCB ATM machine, and allow the bank to further expand our ATM services. 
Finally, in reference to the point about issuance fees raised by the letter writer, I would like to note that, while the bank does charge a Bt100 issuance fee for its regular ATM cards, there is no such fee for our Two-in-One cards.
Wattanee Somchit
Corporate Communications Department, SCB

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