Call on UN and a new political party

your say January 13, 2014 00:00

The two factions in Thailand's democracy will not meet because the reason for one faction's demonstrations are the other faction's actions, namely, violations of laws and rules, which the ruling faction denies.

The government has sought support from foreign countries for its version of democracy and got it from 59 nations so far. The demonstrators are counting on themselves, but some commentators mean they count on an army intervention and that’s the only way they can win. If so, the army will intervene first when violence has turned intolerablely ugly and lives are lost. A sad outcome and a solution made for further unrest – just as a crippled election will bring – and Thai politics trapped once again in the wicked circle of repeats.
What Thailand needs is neutral and independent help both factions can accept. And there is only one to call – the United Nations. The UN can be given a mandate to set up a reform committee and a transitional government, for a real overhaul and cleanup, and ensure that democracy will take place again in an election within two years. Thailand can make huge progress by seeking advisers from the best functioning democracies in the world. Just keep away from those with their own agenda in Thailand, the big nations. So call the UN now for help, not when it is to late to save lives
It is also obvious the time is ripe for a new political party, one for all those who now strive for a new and clean democracy and a more even Thailand. A party for salaried workers, farmers and businessmen who want a stable country without social and political tensions thanks to decent living conditions for everybody. 
Now is the right time for the biggest labour unions to take the initiative to establish a labour or social democratic party that could recruit heavily from both the red shirts’ and the demonstrators’ camp. In northern Europe you will find labour unions and social democratic parties that already have helped others (ANC and Mandela) to build up new parties. Call the countries that figure over and over again on top of the statistics that count most for most of us.
A Johnsen
Chon Buri