Blowing the whistle on Stephff

your say January 18, 2014 00:00

Re: "Stephff's View", Opinion, January 17.

I have always enjoyed his political cartoons over the years, but Stephff’s depiction of “counterfeit Bluesky whistles” contained grave errors.
The Bluesky Channel and its “Sai Lor Fah” programme exclusively produce and sell the thunderbolt whistles, but cannot keep up with the demand among protesters for this much sought-after souvenir –hence the lucrative counterfeit trade.
Dialogue in the cartoon insinuates that this is all about business, when it is actually all about copyright protection on an item which has the potential to bring in much-needed funds to keep the protest movement going. And to have a character say “Thank god, they haven’t claimed copyright on the colours of the Thai flag” clearly shows either your ignorance of the issue or your attempt to damage and defame the cause of the movement.
I do hope you find a way to rectify this ASAP.
Kantanit Sukontasap