Better to have both ex-PM Shinawatras "exiled"

your say July 22, 2014 00:00

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There is much talk about and anger over the freedom allowed Yingluck Shinawatra by the National Council for Peace and Order.

The question is not “Will she return?” but “Who wants her to return?” Thaksin Shinawatra could have been prevented from fleeing in 2006. He could have been arrested when he returned to kiss the ground at Suvarnabhumi Airport, and there were several subsequent occasions when he could have been forcibly returned to his motherland had those in authority so wished, but he was not. Have both brother and sister been willingly allowed to escape?
The Anti-corruption Commission requires Yingluck to stand trial on a “dereliction of duty” charge, but why does she need to be in Thailand for justice to be pursued? Like her brother in 2008, she could be tried en absentia. If found guilty she could be sentenced in the same manner. This would guarantee the fugitive status of the two main Shinawatra protagonists.
There is always a danger in creating martyrdom when “heroes” are incarcerated or caused to suffer in any way. Also, those in authority, in both cases, might think that out of sight is out of mind (to a degree, anyway). Even in this age of social media, physical presence is of greater influence than Twitter or Facebook or even Skype.
J C Wilcox