Best not to leave farang out of the debate

your say July 29, 2014 00:00

Re: "Mekong delta will be partly submerged", Thailand/Region, July 21

Something simply didn’t click in the way the writer seemed to denigrate foreign expats in Thailand with some clumsy and demeaning over-generalisation.
“I’ve got my farang pension” denotes perhaps selfish and ignorant denial of the facts of climate change (which is one’s right) but, worse, is also a blatant stab in the back of foreigners who live here while receiving a pension. I’m not one of the lucky few myself, but they earned it or are entitled to it, and Kip should be glad they are spending money from abroad in Thailand.
Would he prefer they left Thailand and took their pension with them, leaving the common, low-paid, minimal-working or barely surviving poor perhaps even poorer? Where are the rich Thais helping their own? In 15 years I haven’t seen them doing a lot to alleviate abject poverty.
Why? Simple: it’s karma. Besides, with innumerable riches among uber-posh cliques of upper-crust Thais, it is their own country to care for, provide for, pollute, save and develop or destroy. No one needs farang!
Until the old, polluting buses, smoke-belching trucks and other forms of rampant daily pollution are dealt with here, standard road safety is enforced and a functional governmental system is in place, don’t talk down to the farang pensioners about Thailand’s problems. They aren’t their problems to solve, after all. Many aren’t even likely here for long anyway with the various immigration crises affecting their in-country status, increasing violent crime risking their wellbeing, and high-risk drivers endangering everyone’s need for daily travel.
Caveat Emptor
Niels Jeffreys