Best gift from Thaksin? Stay out of politics

your say December 31, 2012 00:00

Ref: "Giving is the best New Year gift of all", Opinion, December 25.


Reading Achara Deboonme’s column about New Year gifts and happiness and longevity made me wonder about the extent to which Thai lives have been shortened by the ongoing political dead-end that we are facing.
Then an idea occurred to me. How about all Thais acting as one and asking for the best gift that a man can give to his country – that Thaksin Shinawatra “give up” his involvement in Thailand’s political affairs? 
Wouldn’t that be the greatest sacrifice, and best New Year’s gift a person can give to his country?
And it wouldn’t make Thaksin any poorer either. Would it?
Here’s my open letter:
Dear Khun Thaksin,
My best wishes on the occasion of this New Year 2013! 
I would like to take this opportunity to ask you, in the name of all Thais, to give your country something in return on this special occasion. 
Would you please give up your involvement in Thailand’s political affairs?
As you see, Khun Thaksin, your involvement in politics has proved right from the beginning to be counterproductive, and even divisive. Only with your departure from politics will Thais be able to reunite and the country’s reputation as the land of smiles and peace-loving people be restored.
Instead of each of us going on our own separate way, why don’t we all join hands and work as one instead, so that our King will be happy and our country again become prosperous? 
In parting, allow me to quote former US president John F Kennedy’s inaugural address on January 20, 1961: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”
I sincerely hope you will agree to this humble request.
Vint Chavala

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