Bank will further alienate customers

your say January 17, 2013 00:00

Siam Commercial Bank recently announced that it would, starting this year, collect Bt200 (previously nil) from all current/savings accounts that are linked to credit cards as ATMs. While I can appreciate the fact that SCB has to bear certain operating cos


Although I cannot speak for other SCB customers, I for one am seriously considering cancelling my savings account at SCB. But for sure I will stop carrying my SCB Family Plus credit card because I do not want to carry an extra card in my wallet. It makes more sense to switch to, say, KBank or any other bank that still allows me to carry a two-in-one ATM-credit card for free.
Perhaps SCB should reconsider this counterproductive policy by taking its customer’s input into account before the level of customer dissatisfaction outweighs its Bt200 gain.  
Sopida S

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