BBC reporting of Phan Fah clash

your say February 21, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Serious omission by the BBC", Letters, February 20.

In response to the complaint by A Johnsen of Chon Buri about my reporting from the Phan Fah clash, may I suggest he watches more carefully next time. My TV report from the scene clearly stated that the police fired volleys of live rounds, injuring many protesters, some fatally. It included pictures of the injured protesters. I did not include the exact death toll because that was changing and the edited report has to run in several programmes. The death toll was clearly stated in the presenter cue to the report.
I filed 24 reports about what happened that day for the BBC. Every report included details of protester casualties, some live as I watched injured protesters being carried past me. We filmed injured protesters even while under fire from the police side.
Jonathan Head
BBC SE Asia Correspondent,