BBC - Welcome back

your say July 13, 2014 00:00

Re: "Junta says it has no problem with BBC's digital Thai-English news service", Front page, July 11.

Welcome back BBC if you are going to be a polite guest in the host country. The statement from the NCPO is unfortunate: “We don’t have any problem, as long as they don’t send any provocative information that is negative.” All that the BBC should do is avoid putting stilted views or downright lies on their website.  This should not be too difficult as they manage to filter out any unacceptable truths put on to their BBC World News website.
The Daily Telegraph (known as the Torygraph for its stilted views in the UK), unsurprisingly welcomes the website, with the header “BBC takes on Thailand dictatorship with a ‘pop-up’ Thai service”.  This attitude is exactly what is not needed.
This attitude is exactly what is not needed.
We shall soon find out how the land lies when the BBC’s Thai service is either found to be printing the truth or printing lies. Perhaps The Nation can collect complaints by rebuffed correspondents to the BBC Thai website and summarise them at the end of each week.
Richard Bowler