Avoiding that four-letter word

your say June 19, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Don't mention the coup", Letters, June 18.

Somsak Pola’s suggestion that we euphemise the coup by calling it the Last Resort would be fine if, as he himself pointed out, it turned out to be the last one. ML Saksiri Kridakorn gave us a better euphemism in her letter of June 13 (“Those who scream ‘coup’ are deaf to the truth”), where she said that the purpose of the coup was “to reset and reconstruct a democratic constitution”.  
If you want a euphemism for the coup, try calling it a “reset”. If you want to emphasise its military nature, call it a “military reset”. If you want to stress its nation-wide aspect, call it a “national reset”. If you want to emphasise its stated goal of restoring happiness to Thailand, call it a “happiness reset”.
Then what to call the junta? We want something warm and friendly that will suggest partnership, cooperation, we’re-all-in-this-togetherness. So call it the “reset team”, with General Prayuth as the team leader.
That said, I’ve always been curious about the correct term for a resident of Samut Prakan, where Khun Somsak lives. Do you call him a Samut Prakaner? A Samut Prakanian? A Samut Prakanite?
I need some help with this one.
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