Arrogance towards anti-protest letter writers not going to help

your say May 19, 2014 00:00

Have the readers noticed how mean-spirited and disrespectful the letter writers who support the protest movement are? In a recent letter, after praising A Johnsen for calling all letter writers who disagree with him "fools", Songdej Praditsmanont went on

Is that so? Then how come I’ve had many letters and articles published in American newspapers? It’s been my observation that letters published in The Nation are generally better written than most letters I’ve seen in American newspapers.
One would think that since the Democrats haven’t won an election in 20 years that they and their letter-writing supporters would try to reach out to more people. Instead they continue to denigrate everyone else as being “ignorant”, “dirty” “fools” who are so illiterate they can barely write a letter. With that attitude don’t be surprised if the Democrats go another 20 years without winning an election.
Eric Bahrt