Army has good intentions

your say May 26, 2014 00:00

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The role by the Army should not be taken in the wrong sense, as they are a responsible body and equally concerned about the well-being of Thais.

In a way, Army chief General Prayuth made sincere efforts by asking all the opponents to come forward to a common platform to discuss and sort out all the outstanding issues for restoring normalcy in the country. 
Everybody should cooperate in resolving this crisis in the best interest of the country. 
It has been observed that after martial law was declared, there has not been any major incidents involving law and order and it has not affected foreign tourists in any way and they are moving about without any fear.
I was quite satisfied with the law-and-order issues and did not come across any incidents of any sort.
Thailand, according to the world community, is a very beautiful, disciplined and friendly country and let us not spoil that image.
K S Singh
New Delhi