Army Chief required to defend democracy

your say April 08, 2014 00:00

Re: "Army chief shouldn't be commenting on politics", Letters, April 7

JC Wilcox is wrong to assume that I did not understand the point he was making regarding Army Chief Prayuth’s assertion that it would be wrong for him to remove his boss, the prime minister, from her post.
As explained in my letter, General Prayuth has been making political statements for years without, as far as I am aware, evoking any response whatsoever from Mr Wilcox. Now, however, he is moved by his supposedly sound reasoning to condemn the general for daring to express his loyalty to the current legitimate and democratically elected government, of which Mr Wilcox clearly disapproves.
Actually, it is a debatable point whether the general’s remarks really are political in nature. In the ideal democracy envisaged by Mr Wilcox, where the rule of law, quite rightly, prevails, an affirmation by an army commander of his loyalty to the government of the day would be seen as unremarkable, indeed a statement of the obvious. 
Maybe Mr Wilcox needs to brush up on his reasoning skills.
Robin Grant