Are the people winning?

your say January 19, 2014 00:00

Re: "People's revolution 'will win'", Politics, January 12.

Whether this is a revolution against the Thaksin regime or against others, it will not be “the people” who are the winners. 
All Thais will be the losers. It is obvious that there are “two [political] sides set apart” for this country. So how can we, the Thai people, as well as the country really move forward? How can be we be sure that after this revolution, there will not be another? How can we be certain that the new way of ruling via a people’s assembly will truly be for the people, and not the politicians or particular individuals? When one political side is winning, the losing side fights back by mobilising people who agree with its opinions. This is an unending cycle. Where are the country and people in all of this?
Samatchaya Kitprasert
Chiang Mai