Another unelected committee?

your say February 10, 2014 00:00

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Ref: "PM urged to set up royal panel for reforms", News, yesterday.

Mahidol University lecturer Gothom Arya has called for an independent royal committee to be established to launch the national reform process. The basis of selection of the committee presumably separates it from the PDRC version. 
The selection of an acceptable to all committee will be the bugbear. As with referendums being in the position of posing the questions gives great advantage to the poser. The areas of reform need to be selected coupled with their urgency. The elephant in the committee room needs to be shown the door before things get underway. 
The caretaker government needs to issue its end of year 2012 report to get them up to date with what has happened. It has found time to produce three aborted bills but not carry out its obligation to inform the nation of its actions and performance 
Richard Bowler