Another reminder of red-shirt hell

your say May 21, 2013 00:00

Thaksin Shinawatra tried to subvert the country three years ago by paying a militia we now call the red shirts to force the government out. They used experts from the former Communist Party of Thailand, who instructed them on guerrilla tactics.


It was estimated that the former prime minister spent around Bt1 billion for this huge fiasco.
The red shirts set part of CentralWorld on fire, the Siam Theatre and another department store near the Victory Monument. Thousands of people with low to moderate income lost that income; street vendors were bullied and replaced by red-shirt vendors; residents could not sleep because of the incessant loudspeakers blaring insults at the Democrats. Some houses on Ratchaprasong were broken into. At some point the situation became so intolerable that residents had to flee their homes and schools had to close. Now these people are allowed back to claim a “victory” they never achieved.
And this is what this government calls democracy!
Clara Holzer