America did what it had to

your say July 09, 2014 00:00

In response to those who complain that America is interfering in Thailand's internal affairs, please allow me to share with the readers the following hypothetical situation:

Suppose a friend named Joe asked me to give him a considerable amount of money. Before giving Joe the money I would set certain conditions and insist he use the money in a way that I think is appropriate. I also would want to be certain that it would not be illegal for me to give Joe the money – just as it would be illegal under American law for America to support a country whose military overthrew a democratically elected government, regardless of whether or not the coup was justified.
Of course, Joe would have every right to reject my conditions. But I’d have the same right to refuse to give him the money. You see, America-bashers, rights are a two-way street.
Eric Bahrt