Accusations of international bias reveal local prejudice

your say June 11, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Foreign media represent the views of the West", Letters, June 9.

Vint Chavala makes some thought-provoking observations on the activities of the foreign media in Thailand, but his comments raise intriguing questions. For example, how does the writer know the views of what he describes as the better-educated half of the population on this issue? Has he conducted an opinion poll? And why, in the 21st century, is half the population still less educated?
Mr Chavala is right to say Thailand is in a fragile position and the military government definitely faces major challenges. But those of us foreigners who are genuinely fond of the country and its people hope these challenges can be overcome, leading to a brighter future, when people can again freely express their opinions on politics and other matters without being labelled as controversial or embarrassing.
Oh, and by the way, Mr Chavala (and indeed, Clara Holzer) might be interested to know that today the Foreign Correspondents Club is hosting Colonel Weeraphon Sukondhapatipak, spokesman for the NCPO.
Robin Grant