Academics, parochialism hinder progress

your say May 27, 2014 00:00

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For over eight decades Thailand has only ever known conflict and political instability. The country has never enjoyed truly democratic governance where the law is administered fairly and enforced apolitically in the interests of all.

The most recent government, finally deposed by yet another military coup, was completely self-serving and totally undemocratic in nature. In the interests of the country as a whole such a regime, remotely controlled, had to be eradicated. It clearly resisted reform for the betterment of the country. Remaining in office would have only subjected Thailand to more of the same chaos and kleptocracy.
The coup d’etat was inevitable. Initially, save for a few misguided protests, armed violence has been stopped and peace achieved. In this patriotic totalitarian situation, reform can be instituted.
Currently we see civil rights organisations, Amnesty International, the US and many Thais protesting the imposition of military rule and calling for a “return to democratic governance”. Presumably they mean the government which has recently been deposed. The cause of the coup would seem to be considered better than what could result from the coup: a country purged of the perpetrators of criminal behaviour with a democratic system established.
Foreign interference from academics and others via press releases (mostly emanating from Robert Amsterdam), parochialism from the Thai press and a general lack of understanding and appreciation of the current historic situation, have replaced armed violence and corruption as Thailand’s greatest enemies. Thais now face a test of their patriotism and their will to achieve sound governance for the future of their country. 
Only the discipline of the military can save the country from its historical instability and exploitation of the people.
JC Wilcox

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