Absentee leader, absent democracy

your say October 16, 2012 00:00

Less than two months before the May 19, 2010, violence - in which nearly a hundred people died - the Abhisit government went on TV with three red-shirt leaders in an attempt to end the stand-off between the government and demonstrators. PM Abhisit offered


However, the negotiation was ended abruptly by a cellphone call from someone. It was known that the red-shirt representatives were just stooges on a string pulled by that person. That failed negotiation resulted in the deaths of the hundred or so people that we are arguing about.
As for Thaksin Shinawatra, he may be feeling proud that he has absolute control over the government – and thus the country’s destiny – and at the same time insists that his action is normal and 100-per-cent democratic.
But the fact remains that he is inflicting a more severe mishap on Thailand than any citizen has done before in the country’s 800-year history.
Hence, if Thaksin really wants to help bring peace to the country that he calls his, he should stop his political activities now. This will bring peace and happiness to all citizens, including Thaksin and his family.
Vint Chavala