Abhisit has shown us way to the exit

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Re: "PM asked to step down", Politics, May 3.

The attacks on Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva’s plan to break the deadlock reflect his critics’ blind loyalty to the Shinawatra clan. 
First, Abhisit offered a dignified way out for Yingluck – proffering her resignation instead of being kicked out by the highest court in the land. 
Second, the interim premier’s role, as proposed by the Senate speaker, would merely be as “housekeeper” and to foster reform on future political rules with the aim of eliminating corruption, cronyism and authoritarian practices. The proposed reform would be put to a referendum, thereby needing the people’s approval. 
Third, an elected government of one year would be formed to smooth the implementation of the reform.
Fourth, to show his sincerity, Abhisit would abstain from contesting the election if his plan is accepted in substance. But if rejected, his party is likely to abstain from Yingluck’s July 20 election and leave that election uncontested.
Well, Madam, if you ask for a Royal Decree for a July 20 election, you can be assured of having committed a suicidal act that will bring down your family and its henchmen and place your country at the same level as Belgium when she had no government for more than a year. 
I salute Abhisit for his sacrifice and for showing us a way out of this crisis.
Songdej Praditsmanont

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