Abhisit blew his chance

your say February 06, 2014 00:00

Is it not a fact that in countries where democratic forms of government are established, people enjoy political stability?

If I had a dollar for every time I read a newspaper letter accusing the BBC of being unfair to the Democracts, I’d be a rich man! Well, this week the BBC gave Abhisit Vejjajiva every opportunity to make his case to the public, and he blew it.

First Abhisit lied when he said the anti-government protesters were “unarmed” and “non-violent”. When the interviewer noted that protesters were seen pointing their rifles at voters,  Abhisit had no answer. None!

When asked why the Democrats had not won an election in 20 years, all Abhisit could say was that they don’t get as badly beaten now as they used to.

The reason the world sees the Democrats as elitist hypocrites and losers is because they are elitists hypocrites and losers. Blaming BBC for making the Democrats look bad would be like me blaming my mirror for making me look bald!

Eric Bahrt