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Abhisit being prosecuted under an illegal government

I understand why former prime minister Abhisit is being charged with murder. What I cannot fathom is why he bothers to show up to answer such a ridiculous indictment.

The truth is that Thaksin was the person responsible for the deaths of the red-shirt protesters in 2010. He could have sent them home weeks before the Army came to sweep them out of the downtown area. Yet he thought so little of their lives that he encouraged them to stay merely to satisfy his own ego. Next, this Pheu Thai government has violated the Constitution by refusing to recognise the authority of the Constitutional Court in regard to the makeup of the Senate. It is therefore an illegal government. Finally, Yingluck should be indicted for murder herself, since she obeyed her brother's command to bring red shirts into Bangkok last week to show support for her brother's regime. Given the charged atmosphere, that was a reckless decision they should have known would result in violence. The predictable result was the murder of a protester, a Rakhamhaeng student. As for CAPO (which should be dubbed the Committee to Accuse Protesters and Others), it is simply a political tool for an illegitimate government and so should be ignored.

CM Phillips


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