A taste of reality for farang fantasists

your say May 08, 2014 00:00

Re: "Outsiders but also heavy taxpayers" and "Many foreigners do hold a stake here", Letters, May 3.

Although Vint Chavala’s letter regarding foreigners constantly carping about Thailand was on the rude side, it was also fairly accurate.
I love these guys. 
“We have Thai wives and children”, “We’ve lived here for many years”, “I am not a guest”. Talk about living in the Twilight Zone.
How about a taste of reality? We are allowed to come here and are expected to follow immigration rules if we want to stay. Our wives own any property we “buy” (pay for) and just about everything else we own. We are reminded daily that we are in fact guests here and our rights are limited. 
Did you ever notice that, if you and your Thai wife enter a financial transaction together, you hand over the money and they hand the change back to your wife?
And why not? Did you ever see the long lines of Thais waiting at the American embassy for a Thai visa? They pay a whopping fee to apply but only a small percentage actually get a visa.
If you also consider that only a very small percentage of us ever bothers to learn how to speak Thai correctly, how can you blame the Thais for being wary? 
We’re visitors regardless of how long we stay. The only decision we are allowed to make is whether we stay or not. And, despite our second-class citizen status, most of us do. 
All Vint Chavala is trying to say is that, if a governmental decision does not affect us (and most don’t), why don’t we keep our mouths shut until someone asks for our opinion? Let the Thais solve their own problems. 
An occasional suggestion isn’t rude, but the constant criticism coming from farang is annoying and presumptuous. 
John Arnone

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