A lull in the war on Mother Nature

your say March 08, 2014 00:00

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News headlines these days are exclusively concerned with people, money and political power. But what about the environment?

The Yingluck administration wasn’t a friend of the environment (indeed, it paid it no mind). Now that Thailand doesn’t have a government, even less is being done to protect the environment. Maybe there’s a silver lining. About the only thing Yingluck & Co accomplished was removing protection for river and stream watersheds and ramming through overpriced diversion ditches west of Bangkok.
What’s more important than people and money? Most people wouldn’t have a clue. Perhaps if fresh air, clean water and non-toxic soil were ever-dwindling, they might sit up and take notice. Or maybe not. People have an amazing capacity to tolerate abysmal living conditions. One of the biggest ironies is that property values in Bangkok are the highest in Thailand, yet the capital has the most pollution, worst gridlock, highest population density, most protests, smog, dirty water and is the most flood prone of any region nationwide.
People are an odd species. It’s as if we are waging war against nature, and nature is losing every battle.
Ken Albertsen
Chiang Rai