A job for the Navy

your say June 18, 2014 00:00

Since the coup the Army has been top dog, perhaps the Navy feels left out. So I have a suggestion for General Prayuth.

Recently I was walking my dogs along the as-always polluted and rubbish-strewn Mae Ramphung Beach. In addition to the usual polystyrene, plastic, bottles and other rubbish, the beach was liberally splattered from one end to the other with large splotches of thick crude oil. This appeared overnight and was accompanied by a brownish filthy foam, indicative of some ship sluicing its bilge tanks offshore. 
So let’s give the Navy a job. Put a couple of destroyers out in the Gulf of Thailand and watch out for the next ship passing up or down that wants to tip its garbage overboard or sluice out its bilge. Put a salvo across its bows and, if it refuses to stop, send it to the bottom of the gulf.
I am sure all my fellow long-suffering beach lovers down here in Rayong would turn a blind eye to the illegality of such an act and mutter a silent prayer of thanks to the Royal Thai Navy.
David Brown