A helping hand was all they needed

your say June 20, 2014 00:00

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Re: "Chusak trains autism students to get jobs", Green Report, June 19.

It is a fine thing that the Autistic Vocational Centre in Talingchan is harnessing the marvels of modern technology, including iPads and
tablets, to help prepare young autistic people to contribute to the workforce.
In many countries the differently abled struggle to overcome ingrained prejudice to have any chance of landing a job. But being able to hold down a job does much for confidence levels and happiness, as well as conferring obvious economic benefits to them and to their families.
So, initiatives such as Khun Chusak’s are inspiring. 
The next, much-needed step is for larger employers in Thailand to make concerted efforts toward having fully inclusive workforces by making it possible for more disabled people to work for them.
Good luck to those autistic youngsters now completing their training there, who must now seek jobs! 
Paul Surtees
Chiang Mai