A coup is the last thing protesters want

your say January 14, 2014 00:00

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Those who speculate that the anti-government protesters are out there to act as bait for the military to stage a coup could be very much mistaken.

Having followed the movement from the beginning, I know a coup is the last thing the protesters want. They say they want their struggle to be purely a “people’s revolution”.
Suthep Thaugsuban said all protest leaders are well aware of the overwhelming odds against them. They know well what the Yingluck government is capable of.
Suthep himself has reacted to the threats against his life by saying he considered himself dead already, that for him there is nothing more to lose.
He also said he would walk proudly into jail if found guilty of any charge after this protest.
Suthep has reiterated time and again that the protesters cannot bear to see their country being turned into a slave-house to serve only a few.
They want this rally to be a peaceful protest for change – with the spirit of ahimsa strictly adhered to.
Vint Chavala