Korean food gets hilarious in Macao

lifestyle April 14, 2017 01:00

By The Nation

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Top South Korean musical comedy “Bibap”, with its irresistible mix of beatbox, b-boying, hip-hop and street moves, has all the customers dancing at the Parisian Theatre in Macao until April 23.

The dynamic show revolves around a wild cooking competition between two masters, Green Chef and Red Chef, at a restaurant called Bibap. Six other hyperactive performers chime in with a-cappella singing, incredible dancing and a lot of other acrobatics.

“Bibap” celebrates bibimbap – the unofficial national dish of spicy rice, vegetables and beef – in a bid to promote Korean food culture worldwide. 

“We’re honoured to perform at this amazing venue and look forward to bringing a delicious taste of Korean culture to Macao,” says director Choi Chul-ki. “Bibimbap brings together different ingredients to create a wonderful blend, and we also bring together a-cappella, martial arts, breakdance, beat box and humour in a harmonious way.”

Two performers specialising in beatboxing brilliantly mimic the different sounds of the kitchen, including cutting up ingredients, frying vegetables and meat and washing dishes. 

Audience members get to vote on their favourite dishes, with either Green Chef or Red Chef winning the round. The four rounds see sushi, pizza, noodles and finally bibimbap prepared.

Tickets cost 180 to 480 patacas (Bt780 to Bt2,075) at www.CotaiTicketing.com.