Most Thais believe Bangkok hospital bomb attack was aimed at junta: poll

opinion May 29, 2017 01:00

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I guess the results weren't too good then as they are not mentioned in the story, only numbers regarding this incident and security in general.

The joys of having a muzzled press.


Another step closer to North Korea?


Unlike some foreigners (who appear to prefer to rush back to a Chavez or Hun-Sen etc style  'democracy' ) the Thai people are well aware of who's behind multiple similar attacks since 2006.


I think one of the junta members proclaimed "It was not us" Guess we can bury that idea.


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Reconciliation is achievable, says Anek

That has been a recurring headline over the past months... similar to a "daily affirmation"?


Anek is right.  If the common Thai will agree to lower their standards and accept what the military government is forcing upon them, the citizens will reconcile for less in life.  We have seen what they have accomplished with regards to educational standards over the last three years.


The tail wags the dog.

From what I see the only divisions are engineered by certain criminal mafia politicians and the Thai military. The Thai people appeared quite capable of deciding who they wanted to run the country on a number of occasions. 

The military needs to be accountable to the elected government. Until that is achieved, there will never be progress here.

Father Fintan Stack

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