Need intelligent evidence of Trump’s stupidity? Look no further 

your say June 20, 2017 01:00

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JC Wilcox’s contribution to this page on Sunday makes me believe that either he can’t read or else he is living in a fantasy world that filters out all commentary about Trump. Either way, Wilcox is demonstrating impressive cognitive dissonance. 

When Trump began vocalising his platform I wrote a series of letters to The Nation responding to his arguments and detailing the lunacy of his policies. To these were added more letters by writers like Dr Frank and Eric Bahrt, commenting intelligently on why Trump’s policies would be a disaster for the US and the world. So when JC Wilcox suggests that “more reasoning” is needed in countering Trump’s policies, readers can be forgiven for guffawing at what must be the best joke cracked on these pages in the last decade. Wilcox proves that there is absolutely no use discussing the pathological liar-in-chief’s policies with him anymore. JC has never bothered to respond to all the criticisms, but now he effectively confesses this in public. Gosh, how delusional can you get?