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your say June 19, 2017 01:00

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Re: “Dismayed to discover poisonous toad in Thai paradise,” Have Your Say, June 17. 

If J Postol were to venture outside his rose-tinted “safe space” within the mainstream media in New York, he would find a rather massive body of evidence and literature that supports what JC Wilcox had to say. 

With regard to JC’s alleged “anti-Jewish diatribe”, which in fact focused on two specific families and one individual without reference to religion, Postol may learn that money trails from a huge number of globalist pressure groups including Europe’s violent “anti-fascist” movement lead back to the Hungarian, George Soros, and that Prime Minister Viktor Orban is taking active steps to excise this particular “poisonous toad” from interfering any further in Hungarian society. 

With regard to Islam, JC does not characterise his criticism of Islam as criticism of Muslims.  So far as “freedom and tolerance” versus “hateful rubbish” goes, Postol could usefully start his readings with the Koran. 

Nigel Pike

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