More reasoning needed in countering Trump policies

your say June 18, 2017 01:00

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President Trump’s policies are well known. Those who support the president support his policies.

On the other hand, those who are opposed to President Trump do not declare their disagreement with his policies, instead they attack his person without due consideration to reasoning. Countering policies with sound reasoning and offering alternatives is the basis of democracy. Insulting a person without reason is not.

So why are the establishment fabricating lies and innuendo to cause the president’s downfall? What started two years ago as confident ridicule has become a frenzy since the election of 8th November 2016. Faced with the ‘harsh’ reality of a Trump presidency, the mainstream media and Democrat Party raise multiple issues simultaneously, without facts or evidence, to confuse the public and avoid the vital issue.

Republican congressman, Steve Scalise, was recently shot in the head at the Nationals Stadium, DC. Only days before he announced his intent to crush human trafficking and pedophilia. This issue is high on President Trump’s agenda.

JC Wilcox