The cruelty of the cancer industry

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The Nation’s June 13 article – “Singapore’s online tragedy as cancer victim, 34 dies” – saddened me not because his fight was lost, but because no weapons were available to win his fight.

Where are these weapons? 

The 600-page “The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers” (2007) by Hulda Clark, PhD ND, might provide clues. Her privately published  works are based on over half a million reproducible, so scientifically valid, bio-resonance tests, from which Dr Clark precisely identified the cancer-causative bacteria, parasites, viruses, dyes, heavy metals, moulds, radioactive compounds, benzene, asbestos, food allergens et al, and traced their pathways.

As Dr Clark’s works have not been “officially published” in any medical or science journal, it’s illegal for the doctor to even mention her work, let alone cure you with it! How does the cancer industry prevent “official publication” of the many cancer cures?

In the US in the mid-1980s, Dr Robert Good, a pioneering immunologist with the world’s first bone marrow transplant and over 2,000 medical research papers to his name, led a team that claimed to have discovered a natural, diet-based, enzymatic cure for pancreatic cancer. He was refused publication in all medical journals, which told him that his cure didn’t “fit in with the concepts of this time”.

In the UK, the 1939 UK Cancer Act prohibits the publication of any cancer cure and also discussion of cancer cures among non-medical persons.

Therapies that are said to have cured cancer are: Dr Clark’s protocols and her 30MHz 9v Zapper; Harry Hoxsey’s herbs (Hoxsey was dubbed “the quack who cured cancer” and arrested over 100 times, but his Texan prosecutor subsequently became his attorney after Hoxey cured his brother of cancer); Germany’s ozone alternative therapy (said to have cured President Ronald Reagan’s lung cancer); Dr Burzynsksi’s secret formula in Texas; Drs Beck and Rife’s electrical resonance devices; Essiac tea (said to have cured “incurable” bone cancer in US Senator Ted Kennedy’s son); Jason Winters three-herb tea (said to have cured his jaw cancer); Sunderlandia; Curcumin; Cannabis oil; Black elderberry; papaya leaf tea; Vitamin D3, (8000iu/D); and Vitamin C, (10gms/D).

Dr Clark advised that any person with cancer should use as many of these protocols as practical. In the UK, medical herbalists can offer essiac, Sunderandia, cannabis oil and others.

Dr Clark died of cancer, but that does not invalidate her 60 years of science-backed work. In her mid 80s, Clark’s car brake-lines were apparently deliberately cut, she crashed and broke her neck.  Suffering from severe pain made it impossible for her to continue testing for humanity or on herself. She died of the rare myelemia cancer whose symptoms mimic a severe cold.

In today’s “alternative” health news we read that the pharmaceutical-medical world will do everything in its power to protect its cash cow, a mighty $3.5 trillion annually in the United States. In just over one year, more than 60 holistic doctors and researchers have been found dead, most of them in suspicious circumstances. Christopher Bayley King, 49, is the latest holistic doctor to have been murdered in cold blood. 

So much for your revered medical profession, Eric Bahrt.

Thomas Turk


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