By denying empathy, rationality and morality, you deny your humanity

your say May 20, 2017 01:00

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In writing that concern for the suffering of animals is “misplaced” and “inconsequential”, Dr Frank demonstrates a lack of humanity that is simply appalling.

He defends his cruelty with the old “animals eat animals” argument. He overlooks the fact that most animal species – including the ones he probably eats – are vegetarian.

It’s also not true that animals kill animals “because they can”. They do it for survival. In any case, humans are the only species that has the capacity to understand moral concepts and thus should be held to a higher moral standard.

To give an example, a cat might torture a mouse before killing it. But we’d be far more shocked if we saw a human torturing a cat. That’s because we have the capacity to empathise with the cat but the cat doesn’t have the capacity to empathise with the mouse. And it is that difference which 

gives us our “human-ness”.

Eric Bahrt