Concern for animals’ suffering is not ‘anthropomorphism’

your say May 20, 2017 01:00

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Re: “Human nature is also red in tooth and claw”, May 19.

In his somewhat garbled response to my dairy letter, Dr Frank made a few comments that I’d like to respond to. It’s a known fact that dairy cows and their calves suffer enormously when separated, so acknowledging this is not being “anthropomorphic”. 

It’s true that lions kill for food, but that doesn’t mean we humans should. They need to kill to survive. We don’t. Firstly we’re not natural carnivores, and secondly we have an abundance of wholesome and humanely derived foods at our fingertips.

I agree that bad “stuff happens” in this world but that’s no reason to stop striving for a better and kinder world. I’m sure that if you, Dr Frank, were one of the millions of dairy cows whose babies are kidnapped each year, or one of their new-born calves sent to a terrifying death in the slaughterhouse, you wouldn’t think that trying to enlighten consumers about their suffering was “irrelevant”.

Jenny Moxham

Victoria, Australia