Debate over the purchase of submarines from China

your say May 08, 2017 01:00

I give the navy benefit of the doubt on the submarines purchasing plan. After all, who knows about submarines better than the navy? So the deal is done and you all armchair submarine experts who couldn't distinguish between a submarine sandwich and a real submarine. Those who insisted that the Gulf of Thailand is too shallow for subs to dive can go back to do more navel research (pun intended).

The only downside from the deal is that had Thaksin Shinawatra been leading the country he would have bartered rice or para-rubber or cassavas, or a combination of the three, for the subs instead of paying cash. 

But of course, no one made 20 per cent, standard sale commission.

Somsak Pola

Adm Luechai Ruddit is widely reported across all Thai media as saying that if a future government wants to cancel the order for Chinese submarines it "would have to come up with a sound reason as to why the submarine procurement plan should be scrapped".

The answer to that is so simple, Admiral.

You and your Government never - repeat, never - came up with a sound reason for their purchase in the first place.

David Brown

From Thai Visa:

If they have to waste money it is a good thing they are buying these crap subs that are zero threat to anyone. 

Could you imagine if Thailand was serious 

about using these subs?



Well done. It will create some jobs in Thailand but not many ... not as many as in China. I would have liked more infrastructure to be built instead of submarines ... however, every county is raising defence spending, so you can't blame Thailand for doing same.


Well, they have really sunk those 12 billion [baht].