The fear in Europe is real 

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Re: ‘Xenophobia in Europe: What Jews suffered then, Muslims will suffer now” (28/04/17)

There is no xenophobia in Europe. A phobia is an irrational fear. The fear in Europe is real. It is the fear of an alien fascist ideology called fundamental Islam that is intent on conquest by terror. Its murderous atrocities are well documented and too many in number to be listed here, but its declared intention is total conquest of the planet.

In 1930s Europe, Jews suffered persecution by the fascist ideology of Nazism as did most of Europe. The fascist ideology from which Muslims are suffering is fundamental Islam. Together with Europeans they are suffering an invasion from Islamic countries into open-border Europe. It is an invasion invited by the European Union that is itself a pro-Globalist totalitarian political bloc. Jews had no control over Nazism but Muslims can prevent their suffering.  By denouncing fundamental Islam Muslims could assimilate with rather than isolate themselves from their host communities. There would be social cohesion.

History shows that totalitarianism and fascism cause wars, not sovereign democracies. The inevitable break-up of the failing European Union project will allow European countries to regain their sovereignty. They can then form an Association of Democratic European Sovereign States. For 70 years it is NATO membership that has maintained peace on the continent of Europe, not the EU.  In fact, controlled by the EU, the European continent is in its greatest state of unrest since WW11.

The current struggle is not “far right” or “left-wing”, it is between fascist globalism and nationalism. It’s about patriotism resisting an Orwellian New World Order: the ultimate fascist conquest of the whole planet with a single governing oligarchy of Islamists and Globalists. In France Marine Le Pen is the leading patriot while Emanuel Macron is a pro-EU Globalist. He is a former Rothschild banker. The Rothschild’s trillions are behind the Globalist movement just as they financed France and Britain in the Napoleonic wars and others since.

JC Wilcox

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