Military dictatorships are driven by paranoia 

your say April 22, 2017 01:00

Re: “Democracy activist subjected to ‘attitude adjustment’ after plaque complaint”, The Nation, April 20.

Military governments do not always behave rationally.

(Even Thaksin abused his position with defamation lawsuits to tamp down even the tiniest of criticism.) 

When you are trying to maintain absolute control you cannot allow a single, inconsequential act to occur without punishment. Whether it’s eating a sandwich, or reading a book, or liking a post, or taking a train – a paranoid leadership must maintain total control as they feel – incorrectly in the case of Thailand I think - one single act could cause their plans to fail. 

In the case of the plaque I don’t think there was any real “plan” per se, for dealing with the aftermath. A small cadre of ultra-royalists fomented this act, and the junta probably had no option but to let it proceed.

The obvious solution would be for the perpetrators to step forward, come public for their actions and reasons, but that would require a strength of character they may not possess.