MSM represents the triumph of global propaganda 

your say April 22, 2017 01:00

Re: “Ever feel like you are being lied to”, Have Your Say, April 15.

Judging by the success of propaganda, millions have no idea they are being lied to. As letter-writer A Johnsen says, “The public is easily mislead”, and it is this fact that has caused the demise of journalism.

The public at large gets what it has been conditioned to demand. The media responds because its reader and viewer ratings control its advertising potential. Businesses pay for advertising to sell their products. Were the media not to feed the public the fantasy and sensationalism on which it has been conditioned to thrive, ratings would fall and advertising revenue would dry up. So the bottom line is that the lies and propaganda maintain the status quo and keep the world turning.

While that is true of the general media, the MSM has moved up a league. They are so big and influential, they are bought and paid for and are nothing more than propaganda channels for the globalists’ new world order.

But the general media is obliged to follow the MSM threads or suffer being ignored by the public. So conditioned by propaganda are the general public and general media that reality, facts and the truth are ignored or rejected as lies. To prove this point, try writing the hard facts about the previous government regime in the United States. Anything not bashing the Trump administration will not be published.

A Johnsen, your problem is that you are not in the majority. Your shortcoming is that you are aware and you think. In this current world of Millenials and “snowflakes”, it’s tough on you. But you’re right.

JC Wilcox