China can and must bring peaceful NK regime change 

your say April 21, 2017 01:00

The North Korean regime continues to be a ridiculous, murderous and dangerous joke – amusing perhaps for the rest of the world but no doubt very tedious for its neighbours.

It is the responsibility of China to stop propping it up and take the lead in bringing these people out of the dark ages and into this century. The international community will give every assistance to you in achieving this.

It is unacceptable to permit the dictatorial Pyongyang regime to waste money trying to build missiles and nuclear weapons (which would never be allowed to reach their targets without being shot down and destroyed) while the population is starved and terrorised and living under the threat of being sent to concentration camps to be tortured.

The world’s resources are growing ever smaller and there are none to waste on the farce of building ever more weapons, when the real effort needs to be concentrated on renewable energy generation and space exploration.

China should engineer a solution by carefully ceasing to supply North Korea, and arranging an international conference to replace its leadership with a considerably less absurd one.

SD Little