Theft of revolution plaque clearly had green light 

your say April 21, 2017 01:00

Re: “Drop hunt for plaque, junta tells activists”, The Nation, yesterday.

Clear message: the people are not the beneficiaries of a nation. Just slaves


If the rhetoric is to not stir trouble, shouldn’t they be looking for the people who stole the plaque? Stealing the plaque is causing all this trouble, not the people looking for it. Isn’t stirring trouble a massive offence here? I’d be after the people who stole it and come down hard on them. They’re causing unrest and that’s the most serious crime in Thailand at the moment. 

Easiest thing would be to melt down the new one and remake it into the old one. That would go some way to appeasing all these upset people for the time being while you look for the people who took the original. 


Betting that soon, posts about the plaque or any news related to it will be closed without comments.


If no one owns the original and nobody admits to owning the new one why not remove the new one and replace it with a copy of the original. Probably can’t do that because the new one is so … well, unifying.


“BMA cameras were out of action when historic marker may have gone missing.” Pure coincidence, I am sure.

Perhaps police could arrest themselves, as their response (or lack thereof) is inciting unrest.

In a related story, the Statue of Liberty has gone missing. Unconfirmed reports indicate she was seen walking across the Atlantic towards original owner, France. Some say they heard her mutter “My work here is done”.


They could put the whole thing to bed if they just showed some honesty and respect for the citizens. Just say yes, we replaced it and this is the reason why. Ordering people to shut up and threatening them with arrest if they speak of it doesn’t help. What happened to the road map of reconciliation and restoring happiness to the people? Who’s reading the map?


It is quite clear by the combined, coordinated reaction of Police, BMA, Fine Arts Dept, government and the convenient removal of cameras that the replacement of the plaque was sanctioned. Further, it is evident that whoever removed the plaque knew in advance about what kind of reaction this would create. Therefore, IMO, that group wanted to achieve this kind of reaction. Why? Option 1: they are stooopid. Option 2: a few more similar incidents will give the junta a quasi-legit standing to postpone elections because of “disorder in the kingdom”, no matter if they instigated it.