Soon you’ll need your passport to go to the toilet

your say March 21, 2017 01:00

Thailand’s obsession with inspecting foreigners’ passports has reached the dizzy heights of total insanity in Rayong.

Today I shopped at Tops Supermarket in Central Festival Plaza. At the checkout I produced my “The 1 Card” which had been issued to me by Tops, and which should have entitled me to a Bt100 discount on my purchases.

“Passport!” demanded the checkout girl. 

I explained to her that I had produced my passport when I had applied for “The 1 Card” and it was therefore on their records. I also pointed out that I was not in the habit of carrying my passport when I went to the supermarket.

But that wasn’t good enough. 

No passport, no discount.

Next thing they will probably want to see my passport before they let me use their toilet.

David Brown