Police should have offered a cut to Customs officials 

your say March 20, 2017 01:00

Re: Police escorts aiding smugglers at Suvarnabhumi, March 17.

With reference to the comment of Mr Robin Grant [in regard to the rhino horn scandal], I would expect that the obvious adjustment from the Police – carrying out an “instruction” from an “influential phu yai” would be to give a cut to the “Customs boys” in these kinds of deals, to avoid this kind of “mistake” again.

Our country is severely suffering from this ‘phu yai’ corruption, going through the whole society in a seemingly endless way.

I hope and trust that the “Customs boys” will hold out – at least for a while, until their “cut” is too attractive.

In this case, don’t you feel sorry for the rhinos, Eric?

Torgny Sandberg