Viewers clamouring for next thrilling episode of ‘Trumpit’

your say February 18, 2017 01:00

At this very moment, scriptwriters for the popular US soap “Trumpit” are considering future episodes and plots.

Might it be revealed that the president himself instructed National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to offer an end to sanctions against Russia as an early Valentines present for his secret admirer, Vladimir?

Evil White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer is probably next for the chop. After routine blood tests, will he admit to ancestral family ties in Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen? 

Will “the gullibles” finally come to their senses and repent?

Having developed a poison strong enough and, after a successful trial run in Malaysia, will Kim Jong-un (glamorously disguised as Hilary Clinton) finally save the world from Trump?

With robots eventually installed at the White House (for want of a better alternative) will America rediscover its “heart”?

Isn’t it all becoming a bit too predictable?

John Shepherd