Pattaya a foul boil on backside of Thailand

your say January 17, 2017 01:00

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Can someone tell me what the big secret about Pattaya is – and why it even exists?

Strolling along the boulevard adjacent to the “beach” towards the pier to get an unsafe boat to a filthy debris-strewn island call Koh Larn, all I encountered were fat or unusually skinny topless European men with, or without frail and haggard ageing Thai women who were emotionally or financially captive to these gross-looking males.

Then came Walking Street, a putrid road slippery with all that was hosed out of the nightclubs from the evening before, and presumably running off into the harbour. Nice!

Considering that Thailand has a rich cultural history, a strong regime in power and the widespread respect for the Royal Family, it is surprising that this travesty of massage parlours, Internet prostitution, ugly Russians, skinny Germans and other assorted vile-looking Europeans exists at all! So why does it?

Leon Dimitrescu