Modern rapid-fire weapons and gun control

your say January 12, 2017 01:00

It seems that the tiresome and morally redundant apology for no gun control is further espoused by Michael Weldon (“When civil rule breaks down, civilians need guns”, Letters, January 11).

Here’s why I and many others – including, for example, the parents of the Sandy Hook and Columbine school shooting victims – abhor this insane parody of gun ownership as an “expression of freedom”: 

In Dunblane, Scotland, Thomas Hamilton walked into a school and murdered 16 children and their teacher. Not too long after that, a man walked into a school in England intent on homicide with a weapon that wasn’t a firearm. Result: no deaths. 

Those foolish people who waffle on about the US Second Amendment amid their mindless support for the National Rifle Association fail to realise that 18th-century smooth-bore muskets are not 21st-century automatic rapid-fire weapons. People kill people with whatever comes to hand, but it’s a damn sight easier to murder several children at once with a loaded gun than it is with, for example, a knife. 

So, in a so-called post-truth world, we have a level of overkill inconsistent with archaic early-industrial thought.

For the detractors lining up to take a swipe, I’m writing as a person who doesn’t want to see people losing their lives because others cannot, or will not, see sense. This concern includes you.

Dr Frank